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BioPh.D. Handbook | Basic Responsibilities - Labs/Offices

Bioengineering Ph.D.
For the 2018 - 2019 Academic Year
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Office and Laboratory Facilities

Your home department supports office space and individual research laboratories. Students are responsible for acquainting themselves with and following the proper safety procedures for the laboratories they use. Because the offices and laboratories are diverse in their purposes, procedures, and equipment, specific safety procedures are not listed here. However, all users of these offices and laboratories are to observe the following general safety and security procedures:

  1. You may be issued keys or electronic access to university buildings. Keys may not be traded among, loaned to, or passed on to other students and must be returned as soon as the need for regular access has passed.
  2. Laboratory users share in maintaining its security and cleanliness. Laboratory doors are not to be propped open or left unlocked when the laboratory is unattended, and must be locked at the end of the working day.
  3. Unauthorized users are not allowed into a laboratory.
  4. Guests may be invited into a laboratory, but may not be left unsupervised. The host is responsible for the guests' safety.