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BioPh.D. Handbook | Basic Responsibilities of Students

Bioengineering Ph.D.
For the 2018 - 2019 Academic Year
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A full-time graduate student is required to take nine credit hours during the fall and spring semesters during each semester in residence. These credits will be a mix of course work and research credits. The graduate school allows a maximum of nine hours of course work per semester for students who are receiving stipend support. During the summer session, all students are required to enroll and register for zero credit hours of the 67890 course listed under their home department. If they intend to graduate during the summer, they should also register for zero credits of research under their advisor. If they wish to take a course for credit offered during the summer session, they will need to apply for a tuition scholarship before the first day of classes.


All graduate students must both register and enroll before each spring and fall and the summer session semester to maintain student status. Enrollment is different from registration, and you must do both. If you fail to enroll during the semester, you may have to apply for re-admission. The only exception is for officially approved leaves of absence. Students are required to register and enroll for the summer session only if they intend to graduate during that session, or if they wish to take a course offered in the summer session. 

Satisfactory Degree Progress

Each year your degree progress will be reviewed by your advisor, the Program Committee, and the graduate school. Each of these levels may have differing standards and criteria for evaluation. Continued financial support, both stipend and tuition, are dependent upon successful performance in research, course work, assistance in teaching as well as the availability of funds.