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BioPh.D. Handbook | Basic Responsibilities - Safety

Bioengineering Ph.D.
For the 2018 - 2019 Academic Year
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Your office facilities and laboratory spaces have an integrated safety plan. You should be familiar with it, and your advisor or their designee should instruct you in laboratory safety. You should bring to the attention of your laboratory supervisor or advisor any unsafe laboratory situations they encounter. If you do not feel that your concern has been adequately addressed, you should contact the program director. The following general rules apply to all laboratories:

  1. Each student using a laboratory must be acquainted with all the particular safety procedures and safety equipment in the laboratory. These include the locations of emergency controls and the locations and use of all safety equipment and first aid supplies.
  2. Students should contact their advisor or other laboratory management if they see an unsafe situation, or feel the need for additional or different personal protective equipment.
  3. Graduate students who supervise undergraduate laboratories assume primary responsibility for safety procedures. If additional safety supplies (such as hard hats or safety glasses) are required, the course instructor should be notified.
  4. Any graduate student developing a new experiment or acquiring new equipment will also be responsible for developing and recording the proper safety procedures associated with the new equipment.
  5. Observed inadequacy of laboratory safety procedures or equipment must be reported immediately to a faculty member so that the situation may be corrected.
  6. Violations of safety procedures or the creation of unsafe or unhealthy conditions must be reported to the responsible faculty. Failure to work safely or to maintain orderly, professional working environments will result in the forfeiture of all office or laboratory privileges.