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BioPh.D. Handbook | Degree Requirements - First Year/Guidelines

Bioengineering Ph.D.
For the 2018 - 2019 Academic Year
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First Year Courses

Eighteen credit hours of course work (6 courses), excluding research credits, are typically taken in the first year. A minimum of four courses must be taken to prepare for the qualifying examination.

Students should meet with their admission advisor at the beginning of their first semester to prepare an individual course of study for the first semester. A permanent research advisor is normally assigned during the first semester. The research advisor will then work with the student to plan the reminder of their program.

General Guidelines

Only courses offered by departments in the Colleges of Engineering or Science can be applied to degree requirements. Introductory graduate-level courses are numbered 6XXXX, special graduate courses are numbered 7XXXX, and advanced graduate courses are 9XXXX.

Credit can be received for up to six credits of undergraduate courses offered in the Colleges of Engineering and science. Credit will not be given for work that is considered remedial.

If you completed your undergraduate degrees at Notre Dame, and took graduate level (60000 level or higher) courses that were not used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements, you can request to use up to 6 credit hours of qualified courses to satisfy graduate degree requirements.