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Candidacy Examination

This examination is conducted according the rules outlined by the graduate school. The candidacy examination for the bioengineering degree is comprised of both a written proposal, and an oral examination. Note that these are separate parts of the same examination, and you must pass both of them to proceed to doctoral candidacy.

Written Candidacy Examination

The written portion of the candidacy examination is a research proposal. The proposal should have a one page abstract describing the background of the proposed research, the specific questions to be addressed, and a brief description of the impact of the research on your field. A single page of specific aims should include at least one hypothesis or objective, and a short (usually enumerated) description of the steps you will take to address it. The body of the document can contain no more than 20 single spaced pages, exclusive of references.

Oral Candidacy Examination

The oral portion of the candidacy examination will commence with a presentation by the student. This portion of the examination is open to all Notre Dame students and faculty. Following the presentation, all but the examination committee will be excused, and the candidate will field specific questions from the faculty. Questions may be related to your proposal, presentation, or general knowledge of the field as the committee members deem appropriate. Students should discuss the expected range of questions with their committee members in order to be properly prepared for the questioning.