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Professor Pablo Iglesias to give seminar March 8, 2018

ndavis • Date: February 27, 2018

Dr. Pablo Iglesias

Seminar title: "Excitable Behaviors, Set Points and Wave Propagation in Migrating Cells" Abstract excerpt: The directed motion of cells in response to chemical gradients requires the coordinated action of three different and separable processes: motility, gradient sensing and polarization. Much effort has been expended understanding each of these processes, and numerous mathematical models have been proposed that explain each one. In this talk I will present a comprehensive model that explains all three aspects of chemotaxis.

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Researchers Tackle Ovarian Cancer Using a Multidisciplinary Approach

nwelding • Date: September 11, 2017

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Ovarian cancer is among the most deadly of all cancers, though because of less awareness, most cities won’t be as blanketed in teal (ovarian cancer’s awareness color) as they are bathed in pink for October’s focus on breast cancer. But researchers at the Harper Cancer Research Institute, a collaboration between the University of Notre Dame and the Indiana University School of Medicine South Bend, are working with community partners to not only foster awareness of ovarian cancer but also to develop tests for early detection, create novel chemotherapies, and target a cure.

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Notre Dame Researchers are Improving the Speed and Practicality of Detecting Disease

Nur Mustafaoglu, a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate student and Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics (AD&T) Berry Family Graduate Fellow

Published: June 12, 2017, Author: Brandi Klingerman To detect an illness in the body, common diagnostic tests like the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) are used. Unfortunately, ELISA takes hours to process and requires expert analysis, limiting its benefits for developing countries and those who require immediate results. In order to combat these challenges, Notre Dame researchers have been working to develop an improved test and have recently published a study on a new diagnostic method that uses gold nanoparticles, requires little to no expertise, and provides results in minutes.

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Notre Dame Researchers Receive Prestigious National Science Foundation Awards

ndavis • Date: June 12, 2017

Pinar Zorlutuna

Pinar Zorlutuna, assistant professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, received her CAREER Award for a project titled, “Tissue-engineering an Aging Heart: The Effect of Aged Cell Microenvironment in Myocardial Infarction.” The main objective of her research is to better understand the cardiovascular disease progression in older tissue in order to find ways to decrease age-related cardiovascular conditions. Zorlutuna became a member of the faculty in 2014.

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Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Awards

nwelding • Date: April 17, 2017

Established in 1999, the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Awards recognize graduate student instructors and teaching assistants (TAs) who demonstrate a commitment to exceptional teaching. Forty-Seven University of Notre Dame graduate student TAs have received 2016-2017 Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Awards.

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